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17 February 2010 @ 03:43 am
09. baby you're a lost cause  
this post could also be known as "post 03 and a half". these are old icons that i don't love and don't hate, so i guess they deserve to see the light of day. but that's pretty much it. i find them kinda blah. :/ there are also two wallpapers and one banner on this post (will add soon). i think you can skip this one.

01 - 09 kirsten dunst variations, the virgin suicides and sofia coppola

10 - 29 gossip girl

30 - 34 almost famous, the o.c.

35 - 39 harry potter, scarlett johansson, nada surf poster

40 - 46 misc (model, stuff made for lims, random kids XD)

if you like what you see: click to watch littlepile!

46 icons almost famous, gossip girl, harry potter, kirsten dunst, misc, scarlett johansson, sofia coppola, stuff made for lims, the o.c., the virgin suicides